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Where Your Thoughts  Become Reality 

Where Your Thoughts Become Reality

With over 20 years experience in the Music & Film making industries, our Founder & Executive Producer is relentless in his quest to bring affordable, professional media expression to real innovators, media, marketing companies & broadcasters, whilst encouraging & assisting artists & actors either enhancing or starting out in their careers, to improve their career presence.

 "I want our services to be available to everyone, by keeping our production costs to an absolute minimum. All creatives with the passion, drive & determination to succeed, should have the facilities readily available to realise their creative dreams". Feature Film Productions, show reels, short films, commercials, corporate events services available upon request. 

Robby has persisted tirelessly within the film, music, TV & events industries to gain a wealth of experience in almost every aspect. From film extra, band musician, supporting artiste, runner & scenery construction to Camera operator, Production Manager, Assistant Director, Director, Writer & Producer. This difficult, brave approach has provided an eclectic array of practical, hands on, useful experience & has given him a fairly unique, 360 degrees indepth industry overview.


 Robby imparts his wisdom freely, from a particularly humble, grounded perspective,  endearing himself to our clients, artists & crew alike. His insight is astonishing as he can often sense what your needs may be, possibly before you have fully realised them. 

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